MÉLY-VÍZ Bt started its operation in 1991, which was transformed into a Limited Liability Company two years later on

January 1, 1993.


The company was primarily engaged in civil engineering and later in construction.


Bern Építő Kft was established in 2004 to carry out real estate development and general construction works in the operating areas, in accordance with the market needs.


This includes real estate developments to be carried out in own investment, as well as general, municipal and private investment projects announced in tenders.



BERN ZRt. Deals with the complete implementation and renovation of the construction of civil and civil engineering facilities. We are constantly striving to operate as an effective organization that is close to people and familiar in both business and social life.

Our work proves that we approach the tasks not only from the perspective of contractors, material suppliers, but also from the side of users and operators.


From the very first moment, we keep in mind the quality and satisfaction of our customers, so we provide a maximum guarantee for the facilities we supply and construct. Keeping pace with the continuous development of technology, we are constantly updating our machines and equipment, thus enhancing the quality of construction.

The facilities we have built have been operating safely and well for years, giving our company an outstanding reference.


One of our goals is to be good partners, wherever we turn, to satisfy the needs of our customers to the maximum, to continuously raise the standard and quality of our services, to carry out our activities as economically as possible in parallel with the protection of our environment.


Our relationships are characterized by reliability and customer focus, we make sure that your agreement and obligations are strictly adhered to, we are open and pay attention to our partners. That is why we consider it important to feed the feedback and experience of our customers back into our work processes.


We select our subcontractors on the basis of strict expectations, extending the requirements of our quality management system to them. We provide continuous training for our employees to the best of our ability, and we expect them to improve their knowledge through self-training.

The source of the products born in the enterprise is creativity, the ground is reliability, and the living space is quality. To be successful, management is actively and responsibly involved in the operation and development of the system.

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